Indecent Proposal…?

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So I was talking to a co-worker yesterday, and we got on the subject of pay – wages, raises, etc.  Nothing was said about the exact amount that either of us were making, but he was telling me about some of our new hires – that they’re making more than I am, with less education, less general electronics field experience, and just as little (if not more, now) experience in the field of semiconductors (what I’m working in now).  I’ve got to say, it really did piss me off a little. 

For one thing, I know that talking about your pay to your co-workers is taboo, and I can see why.  The one guy (not the one I was talking to), apparently, is going around announcing to the world what he’s making….and while it’s not significantly more than me, it still chaps my ass a bit.  What really chaps me though, is that our newest hire, is making more than him!  I guess I’m a little confused about how they determine what to offer you when they extend an employment offer…  Was I supposed to negotiate?  If so, I wasn’t aware – not to mention the fact that I was hard-up for a job and didn’t want to chance them telling me to piss off.  Admittedly, I was a bit put-off when they made their offer, but I figured because I was new to this industry, that I had to suck it up and start from wherever they determined.  If I could’ve negotiated for a higher wage and gotten away with it, I certainly would have…after all, I feel that I’m worth more than what they hired me for.  But like I said, I couldn’t afford to be picky, so I just went with it.  Now, I’m stuck with this huge pay cut compared to what I was making when I left the Navy, and to boot, guys coming on after me are making more….with less experience and education.

Another subject that came up was pay raises.  We just had ours last month, and while I got double the average company-wide raise rate, it ended up being significantly less than what my boss was making it out to be.  What really sucks, is he acts like he did me some huge favor or something…  Again, maybe I’m a little unrealistic here, or my perceptions were way off.  Either way, yesterday’s conversation got me spun up a bit…so I felt the need to vent.  But as always, I welcome your input, so feel free to leave comments.  Thanks for reading!

– J

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